Pinnacle Web Design offers more than thirty years combined experience in website and software design and development.

Using our great wealth of knowledge means that we can create a website for you and your business that is:

  • Search Engine Friendly: Using semantically marked-up targeted key words and phrases
  • Fast loading: Using lean code and optimised imagery
  • Bespoke: Hand-crafted and hand-coded
  • Easy to use: Using best practice in usability and accessibility
  • W3C: xHTML and CSS compliant
  • Cross-browser compliant: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari

Our background:

  • Twenty-five years software design experience:
    • Systems analysis
    • Software Development
    • System testing
    • Business analysis
    • Database development
    • Software and multimedia design
  • Fifteen years website design experience:
    • Website design and development
    • Usability best practice
    • An academic background in Human Computer Interaction.